Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Danny and I have decided to use my sign-on bonus for work to update our living room furniture. Last week, Mom and I looked at about 4 furniture stores, and this weekend, Danny and I looked at probably 10 more! I knew what colors I wanted, but had yet to find anything that I just fell in love with (or that we could afford).

On Sunday, we went to Value City Furniture, and I found it! I had looked at a set online that I really liked, but I wasn't sure about the microfiber fabric. (Side note - yes I'm weird, but I wasn't sure about the microfiber fabric that changes colors depending on which way it's brushed.) When I saw it in the store though - I fell in love with it! I don't mind the fabric, and I love the look of it. I don't know why, but I do.

So...we got home, and realized that because we live in the city - we don't have a full size door. Our door is two inches too small for this new furniture.

Does anybody else have times where you hope and pray for something - find it or get it, and then realize that there was something you missed and it's actually not going to work?

I know this shouldn't really be that big of a deal. I'm just disappointed and kind of frustrated. I would much rather not find something I love, than find it and realize it's not going to work.

Anybody else have times like this?

Oh, and here's the furniture, for anybody who's wondering :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The new job

So, this is not a great picture, but we took it at 6:15 on Wednesday morning right befor eI left for work with Danny's camera phone, so...it's the best we've got :)

Well, I started work on Wednesday as an official RN! I worked from 6:45am-7:30pm both Wednesday and Thursday, and I LOVE IT! The early mornings (5:15-5:30 or so) are a little hard, but I think I'll get used to it.

I started out with two babies that I was assigned to on Wednesday, and I had three babies on Thursday. It is SO wonderful to finally be doing what I set out to do a long time ago. I love being the one responsible for their meds, feedings, baths, cribs, etc.

A few funny things though...I'm finding it really hard to ignore the pages on the intercom for "an available tech", asking for something. I also have to keep reminding myself to sign my name as Kjirstin Cole, RN instead of Kjirstin Cole, CNA. I've signed a few forms wrong, but it's not too hard to fix. It's also really weird when all the other nurses walk out and I'm alone in the room with 8 babies! I never could be before, because I wasn't a nurse, so it's taking a little getting used to.

I really like the 12 hour shifts, they don't feel long at all, although I am really tired afterwards.

Overall, I love it, and I'm so excited for this new stage!

Now maybe I'll have more stories to put on here. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not in the plans

So, when I wrote my last post on Thursday, I was thrilled looking ahead at my calendar for the weekend, which had NOTHING written on it (seriously abnormal for us!) The plan for Friday was to spend the morning with my horse, stop and buy a vacuum on the way home, and finish up the bathrooms, ironing, and vacuuming. Then, the rest of the weekend was going to include some relaxing, quiet time at home with my hubby. God had different, nonetheless better, but different plans for us for sure.

On Friday morning we found out that there had been a fire in the middle of the night at Danny's parents house. We knew that they were okay, but we could not get ahold of them. So, Danny went to work, and I went to the barn. Eventually, Danny's mom called him, and we got the update...there had been a fire in the kitchen, but it was out, and she was away from the house doing laundry. When I was leaving the barn, I really was feeling like I should stop by and see if there was anything I could do for them. I wasn't sure if they were even there, but I was feeling really strongly that I should go by.

When I got to the house, Jeff (Danny's oldest brother) was already there with their parents. They all looked pretty down, and Mrs. Cole walked me through the house. It was way worse than I had expected from what we were hearing. In the living room, the carpets were soaking wet from the hoses, and there were strings of the foam that firemen use hanging from the ceiling. When we walked into the kitchen, I couldn't believe it. This was no small fire! Everything that had been in the fridge was all over the floor, mostly melted and soaking wet. The refrigerator itself was mostly melted inside, with all the shelves gone. The wall between the kitchen and bathroom had been ripped out, as had the ceiling, and part of the wall into the bedroom.

After a few minutes of talking, hugs for Mrs. Cole, and seeing the house, I called Danny to give him the update. Hearing how bad it was, he decided to come up from work. We spent the rest of the day with Jeff and Steve boxing up the house to move their stuff out. I came home around 9, and Danny followed around 11:30.

So...another part of this weekend...on Thursday, I got a call from my brother, asking if we would be willing to host the seniors of their youth group for a weekend away. Initially, we were a little surprised, but decided that it would be a good chance to serve, and hospitality is something we are trying to work on, especially with this beautiful house God has given us. So we agreed, and I spent some time on the computer trying to find activities for them.

They arrived on Friday night (yes, after the fire cleanup) around 9:30, and after getting ice cream, getting settled in, seeing the house and the area, we all got to bed around 1. Saturday morning, Danny and I sent them off to the beach and worked to get some house repairs done. In the evening, we joined them for a wonderful dinner (thanks Matt!) and a great time watching them play games at ESPNZone. After getting home from the harbor and getting breakfast ready for Sunday morning, we got to bed around 2.

We got up Sunday at 6, got ready, and headed out to church. It was a definite miracle that we both stayed awake through church! In the afternoon, we gave Danny's parents a tour through the Hollin's (our caregroup leaders) house. They are on a road trip out west, and graciously offered their home as a place to stay for a little while.

We basically collapsed when we got home, and slept for about two hours. We were exhausted!

I know this is a long post, but God used this weekend to show me the blessing of serving and giving to others. Even though it was a really chaotic weekend, and I was completely physically exhausted, the joy of serving other people made it worth it. Also, I felt less exhausted than I often do on a weekend filled with "fun" activities. It was great to get to know Matt's group, to stay up late preparing breakfast for them, to pack and move all day for Danny's parents, even though all these things were not in the plans for the weekend. It just goes to show that we don't always know these plans, and that whatever God has planned for us may be crazy, but it's better than what we would have done on our own. We were tired, but spiritually refreshed by serving others, forgetting about ourselves for a little while, and seeing the joy on their faces.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I've been trying to get a lot of stuff done before I start work. There are a lot of things that got left in the dust (literally!) around the house while I was finishing up school. The last few days, since finishing the NCLEX, it has been great to finally feel on top of my house!
I've gotten all the laundry done, including the towels and blankets left from when my family was here for graduation. I finally got a book mailed back that we borrowed a little over a year ago. I finally decided that the "wipe-downs" that the kitchen and bathrooms have been getting just isn't enough. I have scrubbed two bathrooms, and have one bathroom and the kitchen left. Tomorrow, I am picking up a broom-vac at Bed Bath and Beyond, before the dust mites in this house stage a coup.
It feels so good! I know that the first few months of this job will probably be hard, with a demanding schedule for both of us. Starting out really on top of the house will mean that when we're both home, we can just enjoy being together, and maybe work on some more decorative projects, or other things we've wanted to do for fun.
One big thing I'm looking forward to doing is organizing, compiling, and printing a lot of our pictures. I have never been good at following through with getting pictures printed and into frames or books, which leaves us with a lot of great pictures that nobody will ever see. We have a huge box of frames that I'd like to fill with pictures, and a great photo album/memorabilia book of our first year together that I'd like to keep on top of.
With my laundry done and the house really clean, I'm looking forward to starting this job on Wednesday rested, relaxed, and feeling confident! I've been a little worried about the schedule, but as long as I can stay on top of house stuff, it should be just fine.

It'll be another big change, but one that I am looking forward to, I've wanted this job for almost 5 years, and it feels completely unreal that I am really about to start on Wednesday.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hello Nurse!

Well, I did it! I passed! I found out this morning that I did pass the NCLEX, and will be starting my new job on Monday, July 23rd.

Thanks everybody for your prayers and support - it's wonderful to be DONE with school!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well...this is it!

I am about to take the biggest test of my life. Tomorrow at 2:30, I will walk in to sit for the nursing board exam. I am nervous, to say the least! I am struggling to keep studying, overwhelmed by the amount of potential material, and trying not to think of all the possible negative situations!

Please be praying for me today and tomorrow, for peace, for encouragement, and for a clear head!

After it's over, then I can finally post some pictures from the past few weeks, and update on the weekend :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hearing Aid Funny, from GCFL

Every day, I get a joke or funny story emailed to me from the Good, Clean Funnies List (GCFL). I thought this one was particularly cute and thought I'd share.

Hearing Aid Funny

Helen and I laughed when John, a neighbor, told us how his
hearing aid occasionally emits a high-pitched squeal that
can be heard by anyone near him. His granddaughter was
sitting on his lap one day when the device started to beep.

Surprised, little Lorraine looked up at him and said, "Oh,
Grampa, you've got e-mail!"