Saturday, March 19, 2011

A doctor's appointment, prenatal massage, and! (Part 1)

So, I never intended to wait this long to write this blog!  From the moment our little girl entered this world, I've wanted to write down what happened that day before I forgot.  No matter how much I try to cement these memories in my mind, I know that they will not stay as fresh as I wish they would, and in time, I will forget precious parts.  Forgive me for the length of this, as it's partially for whoever cares to read, and also for us to remember how it all happened.  Also, so you have fair warning, this is a birth story, and I won't be graphic at all, but it is a BIRTH story, and the nature of it makes it a little hard to share details without it being somewhat specific!  There you go, there's your warning.  ;)   

 It started out just like most other mornings these days.  Not great sleep the night before, time in the middle of the night spent reading books and keeping up with facebook on my iTouch while still in bed, thinking about our girl and wondering when she'd be here.  Hoping and praying for a healthy baby girl, and hoping she wouldn't be too big because of the gestational diabetes I had. 
   Contractions started around 6am, also a normal part in my nighttime routine!  Now I know that everybody talks about the 5-1-1 rule (contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting for a minute, for at least an hour) and how that means you should go to the hospital.  But you see, with both of my babies, I started having contractions early, and towards the end, if I'm having any regularity to my contractions, they fall within this rule.  If I went in every time they were like that, we'd have an awful lot of extra medical bills, and spend a whole lot of nights in L&D!  So, I wasn't paying much extra attention to them, especially because I had a doctor's appointment that morning. 
   Danny's mom was kind enough to drive all the way down here to watch Logan for me while I went to Towson that morning.  Because you see, the plan was to head to the doctor at 10:20, and then head to the spa for a prenatal massage thanks to a gift card from my SIL, then head home in time to put Logan down for a nap!  Needless to say, that's not exactly what happened. 
   At the doctor, she checked and said that I was 4cm, and since that was progression from 2.5 the week before, she wanted me to stay in the area and come back after lunch.  (My doctor is in Towson, 45 minutes away from home.) She said if I was still 4, even if I was still contracting, I could go home, and if I was more, I'd stay.  When I left, I called Danny to warn him that he would have to head home for a bit so his Mom could leave for work since I'd be a little bit later, but that it shouldn't be for more than a half hour or so. 
   Then I headed into the spa for my massage.  Brief aside here...prenatal massages are incredible, and I think they should be covered by health insurance for every pregnant woman past about 20 weeks!  Looking back, it was such a gift from the Lord meant to be for me on that specific day!  I had tried several other times to use that gift card.  There were three other times that I had an appointment scheduled that I had to cancel for various reasons.  The hour I spent in that room was such a wonderful blessing.  It was quiet, peaceful, and I HAD to relax.  I have quiet in my life, but it's usually quiet at home, when it is still so easy to be distracted by the to-do list, facebook, or any other number of things.  That hour, I spent time just praying for our girl, that she would be healthy and arrive just in His perfect timing.  I prayed for her future, her character, and her safety getting here.  I prayed for my heart and mind, that He would protect me from anxiety about delivery, impatience and frustration with the inconveniences of pregnancy, and worry about my little man and what this would change for our relationship.  I prayed for my little boy, that he would do well with family while we were in the hospital and that he would adjust well to the new little girl in our life.  I thanked Him for my wonderful husband and his love and care for me during these months!  He so graciously serves me when I'm pregnant, everything from carrying laundry baskets to 2am juice/snack runs!  I also found myself talking to our girl, telling her how much I loved her and couldn't wait to meet her, telling her to come just when she was ready, telling her all about her room and family waiting for her.  It was bliss.  So wonderful. 

More to come soon...


Mandie said...

I'm so glad you got that time to be pampered! What sweet prayers. I can't wait to read the next installment.

Melissa said...

Okay, so that's just MEAN! and I know the rest of the story! Maybe I'll even make it *into* the written story!

Jacksmom said...

I'm so glad you got to be pampered too. I remember still how much I enjoyed my ONE pregnancy massage when I was pregnant with Jack. It was bliss! Can't wait to read the next post!