Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome Braden!!

This past weekend, we were up in New Jersey visiting my brother and his wife for a few days, and then also got to spend my sister's birthday with her! I know for some of you who have local family, the birthday thing might not seem that exciting - but we rarely see each other on our birthdays, and they were a BIG thing growing up!

Well, my brother and his wife are due to have a baby on October 2nd, and one of the main purposes of this trip was to take up the crib mattress, swing, and some baby clothes for the little guy. We got there VERY late on Friday night and chatted until about 2:30 or 3 I think, then spent a wonderful day together on Saturday. It was rainy and a little chilly, definite fall weather, but it made for a perfect day to sip lots of coffee, snuggle up on the couch and comfy chairs in their living room, let Logan get full naps, and just spend time together!

We had a wonderful lunch and dinner that Cherilyn prepared for us, and after dinner I was just getting Logan in his pj's when Cherilyn came up the stairs looking a little uneasy. She talked to Matt for a minute or so, and then called me back into the bedroom. With her words "I think my water just broke", the whole weekend changed!

We all scurried around getting her and my brother ready to go to the hospital, and then we packed ourselves up to stay at my aunt's house, which was only 5 minutes from the hospital instead of an hour.

Little Braden Scott Magee was born at 4:41 am on Sunday, September 13th. The joy of being there to share in the experience of his arrival was such a blessing! As I said before, my siblings are not local, so many of these special things are experienced from afar. It was absolutely wonderful to be there.

I can't make the pictures work right now (is anybody else having picture issues with blogger?) but if you go to our flickr page, you can see them there!