Monday, January 31, 2011

These days

A little over two years ago my life changed drastically, beyond what I ever could have imagined, the day my little man was born.  For the last two years, we've spent all our days together, with him as my constant companion, no matter where I am (bathroom included!).

These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about just how much our lives are about to change again when Taylor is born.  There's a lot to be done before she gets here, and it's easy to get lost in the busyness of preparations for her.  But when I sit and really think about it, my heart feels really torn!  I am so incredibly excited to meet our little girl, to do the "baby thing" again, and for Logan to have a little sister.  However, I also know that the special time I've had with my boy is coming to an end.  No longer will he have my full attention as much as he does now.

This is probably going to sound crazy, and I know I'm a little overly sentimental at times, but sometimes it almost feels like I'm cheating on him!  It's just been us for so long now, and it feels weird to think about another one.  I love her so much already, but at the same time, I can't imagine loving another one as much as I love him!  He's my little boy, my baby!  Like I said, I know this sounds completely crazy, but it is what goes on in my head.

So, I'll spend the next several weeks rocking him just a little longer, playing just a little more, seeing how many giggles I can get out of him, because I know our time as just us is short. If our entire house isn't as clean as it was when Logan was born, or if we're not 1000% prepared for her, it's okay.  I'd rather cherish the time I have before Taylor's arrival rocks his little world.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Searching for...simplicity?

So, I'm not exactly sure what it is I'm searching for this year, but consistency might be a better word.  I'm craving a little more routine in our lives.  Well, in my life.  There are several areas where I'm hoping this will play out!

My first and highest priority is consistency in my time spent with my Jesus.  This has always been an area where I struggle, even though I know the importance of it and see the results of it in my life!  This year I am again planning to read through the Bible in a year, and have been going for 4 days strong so far by His grace.  I'm already noticing a change in my heart and attitude today, and finding the Lord reminding me of His grace when I am feeling impatient or short with Logan.

Secondly, I'm looking forward to finding (or re-finding I guess?) consistency in how and when I care for our home.  Since we've moved to Frederick, our life has slowed down significantly, which I am so grateful for!  But somehow I still struggle to find/make time to clean our house.  Entering the first trimester of pregnancy very soon after moving made it a little difficult to ever really settle into a routine here.  Then I was sick for a large portion of my second trimester as well (non pregnancy related).  However, as I've entered the third trimester, I'm feeling more energetic and also beginning to nest a little as well I think!  I spent a while today recreating a weekly cleaning/chore routine and am looking forward to putting it into motion!  I'll work on the monthly and quarterly type things once I get into the swing of things with this schedule.  The time for monthly and quarterly type projects is going to be taken up right now with getting things ready for Taylor anyway. 

I'm trying to be sure that I don't overwhelm myself with plans that I can't achieve.  I'm starting pretty slow for sure!  One of the sites I looked at for some information was  While there is a lot of helpful information, I know that at least in this season of my life, getting the sink clean once or twice a day is challenging enough, much less drying/shining my sink each time I put anything in it!  I just know I won't do it.  She (and many others) also suggest getting up and getting ready all the way (shoes, hair done, makeup, etc.) right away.  Right now, getting some extra sleep is far more necessary for me!  Pregnancy and sleep don't really coincide for me, and the extra hour or so I would need in the morning to do these things and have a quiet time before Logan's up is just really more needed to be spent in bed!  Later this year, when she's here and we've found a little more of a sleep routine, I do look forward to returning to this habit. 

It's been nice to live more simply with our schedule the last several months, but instead of just ending up bored and feeling slightly purpose-less, I'm looking forward to really staying on top of our home, having less evenings where we go out simply because I didn't have what I needed for dinner, or didn't think about it.  I'm hoping to spend more time keeping a clean house instead of simply cleaning my house and always feeling behind. 

What about you?  Do you have any cleaning/chore routine that you do that helps you stay on top of things?