Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did we move to Michigan or something?!

I've wondered a few times over the past few days if somehow we were transported to somewhere like Michigan without our knowing it?!

From Friday afternoon until Saturday night, Baltimore city got dumped on with 26'' of snow complete with blizzard like winds, drifting and some nice sleet in the beginning to create a beautifully iced base for the snow to stick to. As you can see from our patio, there was just a little bit of snow, and this was Saturday morning before another 6 hours of snow!

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful snowfall and just had to go out for a walk!! Having grown up for 4 years in Alaska, the 2-4 inches we see on average per year just isn't quite enough for me. I felt like a kid again as excited as I was to go out in it. Come to find out, playing in the snow as the mommy of a one year old isn't quite the same as when I was little and out all day sledding and building snowmen! But still, we had a blast.

We went for a walk in the morning and it honestly felt like we were in some kind of ghost town winter wonderland of sorts!! I love the way that snow transforms the city. There were only a few cars out and all the normal city noises had disappeared. All the sound was muffled, and it was just beautiful! Logan thought he owned the street, as you can see here :)

Some spots were just a little too deep for little man to walk through, he wasn't quite sure what to do with that.

After some good outside time, we came inside while Danny spent a few hours shoveling our street so we could walk more easily, and Logan found a nice cozy spot in our front window to watch the comings and goings in the neighborhood. He spent almost an hour sitting here, and every time I asked him if he wanted down I got a very adamant headshaking No!!

After a nap and some lunch we were back out for round two!! By then, the city had livened up again, but it was a city full of mostly friendly people, which was kind of nice for a change ;) We took Logan up to the pagoda in the park to do some sledding, which he absolutely LOVED!!

We found a much easier way to transport him in the snow, although the pink sled made everyone think he was a girl. It's actually my sled from when I was 5 or so. (That's our neighbor pulling him)

Here's a video of his first sledding experience.

And one last video of his first snowball fight, which he thought was pretty funny.