Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walking with you

A little over 5 years ago, I took one of the most important walks of my life.  On my Daddy's arm, in the dress my Momma made for me, I slowly walked down that beautiful church aisle to the love of my life.  I walked slowly, wanting to savor every second of that day; at the same time, it was everything I could do not to run into his arms!  Later, we walked around Baker park as our photographers did some shots of us. 

Since that day, we've walked a lot.  For 3 years in the city, we walked almost every evening, not always with a destination in mind (although we did frequent the local coffee and ice cream shops!).  We've walked through almost 30 homes for sale in the process of buying both of our homes.  We've paced the halls of the L&D unit in the hospital, eagerly awaiting the birth of our little ones.  We've paced the halls with those little ones at the wee hours of the night in those first early weeks. 

I can't wait to see what other walks we get to take, my dear.  Thank you for walking with me, leading me, yet always being right by my side.  I love you.


roots youth said...

Happy Anniversary! I like the amount of imagination and reminiscing your post brings with so few words.

Love ya'

Melissa said...

Happy late Anniversary! This is a cheesy comment, but I love the way you tied it all into walking! Very creative. :)

Daniel Cole said...

Love you babe. I look forward to our path together. Thanks for being my best friend and always following me. :)

mom said...

I love reading your thoughts even though I get to see you often....we don't always talk about them! I can see growth in your writing as well in this post....and I love it - and you!