Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ahh, vacation...and other details.

We just got back from 6 wonderful days in St. Petersburg, Florida. In case you didn't know - I LOVE the beach. I love to relax on the beach, read on the beach, play in the sand and the water. I love all times of day at the beach. I enjoy getting out there early when there aren't a ton of people there, I love the hot sun in the middle of the day, I love being snuggled up in a long sleeve shirt and sheet in the late afternoon with that wonderful beach breeze, I love playing in the sand and surf at sunset, and I love to walk late at night on the beach.

The water is so refreshing to me, it's almost as if I can breathe deeper just seeing the ocean!

This past week we got to spend some wonderful time with my sister and her 2 kids and with my parents. The weather wasn't fantastic, but we still enjoyed ourselves on the beach, at the pool, watching the Olympics and eating WAY too much food! I'll post pictures soon - when I get some uploaded.

We are awaiting a new computer at this time, since both of ours have officially declared themselves dead. So...if I don't post, or if you email me and I don't respond quickly, know that I just haven't gotten it :) I only have email when I'm at work right now.

Hoping to be back online soon...