Monday, December 3, 2007

Lovin' Christmas

Pretty much my whole life, I have loved christmas. This year has not changed that fact one bit! I love the decorations, the family time, time off to reflect on our Lord, and the joy that seems to be more present during this season!

This year, I found myself committed to a bunch of different christmas activities. This past Saturday, I decorated a table for our ladies' christmas breakfast at church (using mostly my mom's things). I will try and remember to post a picture as soon as I get them. I am also planning our christmas social for caregroup, and having a christmas party at our house.

I am excited about all of these activities! We put up our tree this weekend, it's not decorated yet, but will be soon! I am going christmas shopping with my mom tomorrow, and will spend more time decorating for the rest of the week.

For our christmas social and christmas party, instead of doing a meal, we'll be doing "heavy hors d'ouevres". Does anybody have any recipes for yummy, kind of fancy hors d'ouevres like this?

Hoping you all are enjoying this season as much as I am.