Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new car!

Our car search has finally ended! Last Monday, my hubby bought me a beautiful Honda Pilot that I love! No more back breaking trying to get Logan in and out of the back seat of my 2-door VW Cabrio, thinking bad words in my head while I try to get the stroller in and out, and sitting with my knees touching the dashboard on the way to church.

Now, parallel parking this baby has proven to be a greater challenge than with the Cabrio, but so far not too bad :)

Come on road trip - we're ready for ya!
I will be sad to see my Cabrio go, it's been a great, fun little car. But, it just isn't really practical any more.

I love my new car - it's been so fun every day to go out and climb in, drop Logan's seat in nice and easy, and zoom out to wherever we're going. :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missin' my honey

Logan and I are out of town for a few days in New Jersey with my siblings - and this is the email I got from my honey yesterday :) (You'll have to click on it to make it bigger) Love you honey - thanks!