Monday, August 17, 2009

Not quite like I thought

We were all prepared, psyched up for the big day. Our boy was starting solids! We waited until a Saturday so Danny could be home to share in the fun. (And yes, this is old news - but a fun story and some funny pictures that I just had to share!)

We went out the night before to buy the perfect little spoons and bowls, and even his highchair, which we didn't have yet. It's still exciting to me that I get to have all these fun little things in my house! I love opening the cabinet and seeing baby accessories. It brings a smile to my face almost every time.

We were walking through Greetings and Readings on our way out to the car when Danny saw the little cup below, and decided that our little boy just had to have it. Logan loved it, and carried it all the way out to the car, and proceeded to chew on it all the way home.

I made his rice cereal from scratch the day before - and I just knew he would love it. Here we are - ready for our first big bite!

So...he wasn't quite so sure of it - and looked at me wondering what I had just given him! I was sure that after a bite or two that he'd get the idea and love it.

But, after a bite or two - this is the look I got. A beautiful face, isn't it? This is what he thought of my homemade rice cereal. Not quite what I was hoping for.

It's been almost 2 months now, and rest assured - this little boy has learned to love his food! Some of his favorites at this point are sweet potatoes, peaches with cereal, avocado, and his newest favorite is pears! The cup? Not so much yet. He still has no idea what to do with it, other than shake it on his tray when I have the valve out, hoping he'll get the idea. Oh well, one day he will! We all do, right?

I am having a blast making his food and watching him get one step bigger. I love being this little boy's momma!

I keep waiting

So...I've given up. I keep thinking that in just a few days, our computer will be fixed, and I'll be able to write all these posts I have in my head, complete with pictures and all.'s just not happening yet! So, I'll write them, and just add pictures later!

I do have a few pics that I might be able to add, but I just have too many things to write about to keep waiting. Keep your eye out for some new stories around here!