Friday, May 15, 2009

5 months and Mother's Day!

Our little man turned 5 months old on Sunday, which was also my very first Mother's Day getting to hold my own little one in my arms...what a fabulous feeling! I even got my very own Mommy's day card signed with the footprints of my little boy.

We had such a wonderful day on Sunday! We went to church with my parents and got to introduce Logan to some of the folks out in Frederick he hadn't met yet. Then we went to lunch at the wonderful Fairfield Inn, a wonderful Bed and Breakfast where we've gone for multiple Mother's Day lunches. Logan was a DREAM through lunch, sitting in his carseat for a while and then playing with Gramma, Grampa and Daddy while I got to finish my amazing lunch.
This is the wonderful smile that we get to see so often these days! This particular one
was aimed at his Grampa at lunch on Sunday.
After lunch, we took a few minutes to get some pictures outside, which turned into a faceplant for Mom and a few minute break for that! Luckily, she is doing fine, albeit very sore for the past few days. To help her feel better, we headed to the outlets for some shopping ~ one of our favorite pastimes!
Such a handsome little man.

Ahh, the fun parts of being a mommy :) Nothing like the feeling of warm spit-up dripping down the inside of your shirt to make it feel like Mommy's day. :)

3 Generations - I still can't believe I have my very own baby!

Some of the fun things our little man is doing recently.
~ Smiling a TON and giggling, but only selectively. You have to be VERY funny and he has to be pretty tired to get a whole lot of giggles. Needless to say, we make ourselves look pretty dumb trying to coax out some of these adorable giggles. Hopefully soon I'll capture it and be able to put up a video.
~ Rolling over from his tummy to his back, where he is much happier!
~ Almost rolling from his back to his tummy, but mostly just spending a lot of time curled at a very odd angle on his side so he can see whatever it is he wants to.
~ Blowing raspberries at us.
~ Watching LOST with Mommy and Daddy...this little boy loves him some tv!
~ Getting distracted when he should be eating. He's far more interested in Daddy, the radio, the book I'm reading, or anything else to be interested in eating. Of course, as soon as we take the food away, he wants it right back! Luckily the food usually wins, but he sure does like watching what's going on!
~ Giving a very pouty lip when he's realized that whoever is holding him isn't his Momma.
I can't believe he's 5 months old already...I still feel like I was just pregnant and dying for him to get here a few days ago! I love being a momma :)