Saturday, March 26, 2011

A doctor's appointment, prenatal massage, and! (Part 2)

Ahh, where was I?  Oh that's right...walking out of the spa feeling far more relaxed than I had in months!

I headed back to the doctor's office, preparing myself for no change and figuring I'd be headed home in a half hour or so.  Since I was running a little bit late, I decided I'd just stop for lunch on the way home (it was about 1 o'clock at this point).  This right here folks, this decision was the biggest mistake, and my only regret from that day!  Since my stomach was already growling, it wasn't a great start to what ended up being another 8 hours without food!

Anyways, I went in, sat in the waiting room for a few minutes, still feeling very calm and figuring nothing would have changed.  I mean, it would be too good to be true.  But, it also would be a whole lot earlier than we had planned, and I kind of hoped our girl would have a little more time to "cook" before she made her grand entrance!  I just wasn't "feeling" any different.  It really felt just like a normal appointment, another normal day, and I was ready to go home to see my little man.  So...when my doctor checked me again and then asked "So you ready to have this baby?" I was more than a little caught off guard!  She informed me that I had progressed to almost 6cm, and she had no intentions of sending me home to Frederick like this!  When she walked out, I texted Danny to start packing and I'd call in a minute.  I headed out to the car, still feeling like this was all just a little bit surreal!

I sat in my car and made several phone calls...Danny to talk through what needed to come from the house, my sister-in-law Julia to ask if she was available for Logan, and then had a nice chat with my sister Lissa just because!  I rummaged around my car to see what was there to eat and found a granola bar...not nearly enough calories for my grumbly tummy!!  But, it would have to do.

Then came one of the strangest moments of the day.  I had stalled as long as I could, and it was time to go in.  This was not what I had imagined, in any way, shape or form!  When I thought about the day our daughter would arrive, and all the different "going to the hospital" scenarios I could come up with, not one of them included walking into the hospital by myself, knowing that my husband was still an hour away!!

But I did.  I parked my car, walked into the ER, and then walked up through the hospital to L&D, checked myself in, and the adventure continues...

Wow...time for baby girl to eat again, and for this momma to head to bed!  More to come...again!  Sorry folks, you will hear the whole story one day I promise!

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mom said...

I love hearing the story, even though I know it....and I love the ending! Daddy and I couldn't get there fast enough!

LY mom